Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies



The Certificate of Biblical and Theological Studies program is uniquely designed to give students knowledge of the basic tenets of both biblical and theological principles. This certificate program is to provide a basic course of study that will give students an opportunity to survey the Bible and to lay a rudimentary foundation in Christian doctrine, principles for Christian life and ministry, and a theological worldview. This program also provides a flexible course of study for those individuals who desire to gain a deeper understanding of biblical and theological principles, but not necessarily aspire to obtain a degree. Specifically, this program is for:


  • Individuals who desire a short-term program of studies to equip them for effective ministry in the local church or elsewhere and/or vocational endeavors.

  • Individuals who wish to begin biblical and theological studies on a trial basis to help them determine if they desire to pursue a degree program. Earned credits can be applied to the undergraduate degree program only. 

    • Those who intend to enter a professional ministry are encouraged to apply for admission to the undergraduate or graduate degree program (if eligible). 


Program Learning Outcomes


Through the infusion of the 7 Core Competencies of VBC, each student is expected to:


  • PLO1 - Develop a basic knowledge of the content of the Bible and understanding of Christian theology.  

  • PLO2 - Evidence a basic ability to interpret the Bible accurately, discern doctrinal truth from error, and formulate a Bible-based theology. 

  • PLO3 - Evidence a worldview that is distinctly Christian & demonstrates a basic ability to defend biblical truth and the Christian faith. 

  • PLO4 - Acquire basic Christian leadership skills which integrate faith and integrity.

  • PLO5 Acquire and demonstrate effective communication skills. 

  • PLO6 - Demonstrate a basic understanding of humanity from a Biblical and psychological foundation and apply this to daily interpersonal interaction, ministry, and leadership. 

  • PLO7 - Cultivate an intimate knowledge of the Scriptures that will lead to spiritual transformation and strong relationship with Christ.


Certificate Requirements


  • Complete a minimum of 33 semester credit hours.

  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and a passing grade in all required courses

  • A minimum of 18 semester credit hours must be earned at VBC.

  • Meet course requirements in the following areas:

    • 33 Total Required Credit Hours

      • Exegetical Studies (6)

        • EX 112 Old Testament Survey  or EX 113 New Testament Survey       

        • EX 310 Introduction to Biblical Language                                                              

      • Theological Studies (6)

        • TH 221 Introduction to Christian Theology                         

        • TH 322 The Doctrine & Attributes of God                                                

      • Historical Studies (3)

        • HIS 331 Christianity & Church History                                        

      • Apologetic Studies (6)

        • APL 141 The Bible is God’s Word                                           

        • APL 240 A Reasonable Faith: The Apologetics of Jesus                         

      • Care & Counseling Studies (6)

        • CC 150 Introduction to Psychology and Counseling

        • CC 252 Biblical Counseling Foundations                      

      • Leadership Studies (3)

        • LD 260 Principles of Effective Leadership  

      • Spiritual Development (3)

        • SF 271 Spiritual Formation                         


Transfer Credits


Life experience and previous learning may be able to contribute to the certificate program, but this is at the discretion of the College. Students must normally have earned a grade of C or better (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) in order to be eligible to transfer a course from another institution to VBC. Transferability of credits earned at this institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Consult the Office Academic Affairs for further information.




The following list of courses may be offered at any time during the student’s course of study. Each course will be selected from one or more of the components and will fulfill the student’s requirement for each learning component. Of the courses offered each semester, students may select the course(s) for which they would like to register. Although electives are not required for the certificate program, there will be a number of electives (TBD) offered throughout the course of study. Electives of comparable or greater academic rigor may be substituted for a required course.







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