Withdrawal Refund Policy

Any student who withdraws from courses or the College in writing and whose withdrawal is officially approved may receive a refund for tuition and course related fees. Refunds are calculated from day one to week eight (8) for 15-week semesters and from day one to week four (4) for 8-week Terms.


1. The “Withdrawal Policy” goes into effect on the first day of the semester. 


2. The withdrawal period begins the first week of the semester and continues to week 8 for 15-week courses and for 8-

    week courses, the withdrawal period begins the first week of the semester and continues to week 4, regardless of

    whether courses are offered in an 8-week or 1-week format.  A drop/add period allows a student to drop a class

    before it begins. However, a drop is not considered a withdrawal. 


3. Due to financial decisions made based on class enrollment, tuition and fee charges for withdrawals are based on the

    start of the term, NOT on the class start date. For example, if a modular class is scheduled the sixth week of the

    semester, withdrawal refunds are prorated from the first week of the semester through the 4th week as for any other



4. All classes are subject to the withdrawal policy regardless of start date. For example, in order to receive a refund for       a modular course that is scheduled to begin week nine (9), the withdrawal must be submitted between week one (1)

    and week eight (8) in order to receive any portion of a refund. All courses are subject to the same withdrawal policy. 


5. Grades for withdrawals are determined according to the following: 

a.  A “W” grade is assigned if the student registered for the course and incurred some expense such as a

     registration fee, but did not attend class. 

b.  WP (Withdrew Passing) – A “WP” is assigned if the student was passing the course at the time of the

     withdrawal. A “WP” grade will count as credit hours attempted. 


c.  WF (Withdrew Failing) - A “WF” is assigned if the student was failing at the time of the withdrawal. A “WF”              grade is counted as a punitive grade on the student’s record. A “WF” grade is automatically assigned for    

     withdrawals submitted after week eight (spring/fall) or Week four (summer) unless the student was in good

     standing and the instructor submits a passing withdrawal. 


6. Withdrawals are not permitted after week 12 for 15-week courses or week 5 for 8-week courses. 


7. Virginia Bible College provides for refunds to withdrawing students under the following guidelines: 

        a.  Some fees may be refunded based on the prorated withdrawal fee scale up to 50% of the semester. 

        b.  Time computations will include the first day of class through the day the student brings an official withdrawal

             notice to the Registrar’s Office. 

        c.  The tuition refund policy only applies to students who have officially notified the College within the refund    


        d.  Students who withdraw from a course before the end of the fourth (4th) week of a semester will receive a

             refund for their tuition on a pro-rata basis depending on the date of the course withdrawal. Students who need

             to add or drop courses are strongly encouraged to do so by the end of the official first week of the semester.    

             Course additions will only be allowed during week one (drop/add period).


Please note: Not attending classes for which you have registered does not entitle you to a refund of the charges incurred. You must drop your class(es) by the add/drop deadline or withdraw from ALL classes to receive a refund. Tuition and fee refunds are based on the date you have withdrawn from all your classes. Refunds will not be made until Virginia Bible College is in possession of all initial funds. Students should not depend on receiving their refunds by a certain date, as refunds will not be available before the end of the seventh week of the semester at the earliest.








































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