Master of Ministry with a Concenration in Leadership 



Master of Ministry (M.Min) w/Concentration in Leadership is a 2 & 1/2-year program that provides a comprehensive analysis of leadership principles and theory. Students will assess and develop their own leadership skills and learn to recognize the elements of successful leadership from both a modern and historical perspective.


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Program Learning Outcomes


Through the infusion of the 7 Core Competencies, each student is expected to:


  • PLO 1: Demonstrate an advanced ability to interpret the Bible

  • PLO 2: Integrate biblical, historical, and theological perspectives into an effective strategy for responding to challenges in church and marketplace.

  • PLO3: Demonstrate a holistic understanding of humanity from a biblical, psychological, social, emotional, and behavioral perspective.

  • PLO 4: Demonstrate an advanced level of effective oral and written communication skills and to formulate and discuss ideas logically and critically.

  • PLO 5: Analyze seminal texts, discerning and effectively communicating the importance and quality of the arguments therein in light of related literary, historical, cultural, ecclesial, and global contexts.

  • PLO 6: Demonstrate an ability to integrate and defend Biblical truth through correlates of
    theology, while critically evaluating the range of alternate views and perspectives.

  • PLO 7: Demonstrate Christian leadership skills which integrate faith and practice.

  • PLO 8: Communicate effectively and sensitively with persons of diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, racial, and social backgrounds.

  • PLO 9: Demonstrate collaborative and participatory group leadership and decision-making skills Articulate a personal call for their anticipated leadership ministry and context.

  • PLO 10: Identify different models of formational leadership and care for churches, communities, and organizations.

  • PLO 11: Design a strategy for developing the capacities of others for personal well-being and effective vocation.

  • PLO 12: Develop and implement a personal plan of spiritual formation involving the practice of spiritual disciplines..

  • PLO 13: Design and implement a well-researched ministry program and intervention and communicate its results and insights for the benefit of others.


Degree Requirements


  • Complete a minimum of 42 semester credit hours

  • A 3.0 cumulative grade point average and a passing grade in all required courses.

  • At least 21 semester credit hours must be earned at VBC.

  • Complete the general graduation requirements listed below.

  • Meet course requirements in the following areas:


            Bible/Theology Core – 18 Hours










       Ministry Practices Core – 9 Hours








        Concentration Core – 12 Hours





       Capstone Seminar & Research Project – 3 Hours    



Admission Requirements 


  • A minimum of a bachelor degree in any field   

  • Completed application

  • Essay addressing reason for applying for admissions, ministry, and/or leadership experience, and future goals

  • One (1) Reference Letter from your Pastor  or spiritual leader


Transfer Credits


Life Experience cannot contribute toward a degree, but a transference of up to 15 comparable credit hours from previous learning institutions can be applied. Students must normally have earned a grade of B or better (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) in order to be eligible to transfer a course from another institution to VBC. Transferability of credits earned at this institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Consult the Office of Academic Affairs for further information.




Courses may be offered at any time during the student’s course of study. Each course will be selected from one or more of the components and will fulfill the student’s requirement for each learning component. Of the courses offered each semester students may select the course(s) for which they would like to register. Courses of comparable or greater academic rigor may be substituted for a required course, but this is subject the approval of the Program Director.


Graduation Requirements


Candidates for the degree are required to complete all course work at a B grade level or higher. Students must also satisfactorily complete a thesis designing and completion of a project or thesis that supports the program outcomes, reflects theological understanding, sensitivity to social pathology and resources, and the capacity to integrate theory and practice at a high level of excellence. This will include field involvement supervised by faculty and adjunct instructors. The final requirement is the successful completion of a Church/Community Leadership Internship or CPE. 




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