Tuition & Fees

Tuition is the primary means of paying for the cost of instruction and daily administration. Tuition is accompanied by various fees that cover special areas of administration. Once registration takes place, the student is officially enrolled and committed to attend. Tuition and fees are immediately assessed and payment is required unless an official cancellation takes place.  


All fees must be paid at the time of registration. However, if you are unable to make full payment at registration, payment plans and scholarships are available. Inquire at the Business Office. To access the online scholarship application, click here.

Returned Checks 


A returned check is any check written to Virginia Bible College that is returned due to insufficient or stopped payment. A returned check fee of $30.00 and any late fees due will be applied to the account for each check that is returned. Checks are deposited only once.  If your account has two (2) returned checks, all remaining payments must be made by cash, money order, credit or debit card.  If your account has three (3) late payments, we reserve the right to ask you to pay your account balance for the semester in full.


Delinquent Accounts


Late Charges


Charges must be paid by the date due. College billings not paid by the date due are subject to late charges beginning at 30 days past due and continuing monthly until paid in full. There will be a $5.00 late fee assigned to the past due accounts every 15 days past the initial 30 days pass the past due balance.


Suspension of College Services


The Governing Board’s policy prohibits anyone with delinquent obligations from registering for classes, receiving refunds, obtaining transcripts and diplomas, and use of campus services. If your statement shows past due charges, you can avoid delays in registering for the next semester by immediately making payment.


Collection Agencies


Delinquent accounts may be referred to outside collection agencies and will be reported to national credit bureaus. Should it become necessary for VBC to retain an attorney or collection agency to secure payment of any amount due, the debtor is responsible for paying all attorney's fees, court costs, and collection agency charges. Late fees may continue to accrue monthly or be assessed as a flat fee when accounts are transferred between agencies until the balance is paid in full.


Fee Adjustments


Virginia Bible College reserves the right to adjust tuition and other fees whenever it is deemed necessary.

Graduation Fees


All fees associated with graduation must be paid in full by the first Monday of the month preceding the month of graduation whether the candidate receives the degree in person or in absentia.  Graduation fees include cap, gown, diploma, and invitations.  Graduation fees are non-refundable.





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